Joining our School

We are incredibly proud of our school, and welcome new families. Whether you’re considering our school for Reception or wish to join us in another year group, we recommend a visit. Due to COVID-19 we are not able to show families around school when our children are on-site. We can, however, offer 1:1 tours of the school after 4pm which will give you a great insight into life at Parklands Community Primary School. During this time you will see our engaging, high quality classrooms, our fabulous Smile Studio and Butterfly Room, and the playground facilities. You will also get a chance to meet the staff, talk about school life and ask any questions to our head teacher, Mrs Cairns. Please phone or email to book a tour.

We have places in some year groups throughout the school, so please get in touch. You can complete the ‘In-Year Transition’ form on the Cheshire West and Chester Website by clicking the link here.

Here’s what our children say about life at Parklands Community Primary School:

Pupils here learn how to take care of each other and take responsibility for ensuring they reach their potential.

Learning is key at Parklands; our staff are very loving and are passionate about helping children achieve their very best.

We persevere to help one another and to succeed in our goals.

Caring staff allow us to express our emotions and we even have a smile studio!

This is a joyful school, full of wonderful children who love to make new friends so that nobody will be alone. If you would like to learn more about us, come and visit; we will warmly welcome you.