Curriculum Intent

  • Our curriculum is inspiring and meaningful filled with creativity and quality real-life experiences.
  • Our curriculum is enjoyed by all, promotes independence and cooperation, and challenges children to think deeply.
  • Parklands’ curriculum equips our children with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in a complex world.

A Curriculum for Parklands

Parklands uses a tree as a metaphor for our curriculum. The roots are where the children learn to be critical thinkers and problem solvers; social skills such as teamwork, sharing and making friends; to communicate in a wide range of ways with a wide range of people.

The roots are where the children develop personally as confident individuals, willing to take risks, persevere and deal with setbacks and difficulties.

They know that learning involves thinking deeply, deliberate practice and knowledge retrieval from the long term memory. They learn from watching how others to do well and respond to feedback on their learning.  We call this having a ‘growth mind-set’; intelligence is not fixed and everyone can improve.

The trunk is the quality of the learning experience to enhance teaching and learning, building real experiences into the curriculum that embrace local opportunities. The branches are the National Curriculum subjects and the leaves are the episodes of learning.