eCadets (2016-18)


The eCadet scheme empowers children to take the lead keeping themselves and their classmates safe online. They complete termly challenges through which they learn new skills and share important eSafety messages across the whole school community. The most important of which is our slogan shown below.

Why not ask your child if they can explain how it helps them stay safe online.

One of their first challenges was to come up with an e-cadet promise to help them understand their new responsibility. They worked together and came up with an excellent pledge which shows what an important job they are doing for our school.

The e-cadets have led whole school assemblies to help embed our school e-Safety slogan. They have also created and shared a series of videos in which they explain their role to other pupils and advise them how they can use our slogan to make safe choices online.

We hope you enjoy the videos below. If you have any questions or ‘e-worries’, please fill in an e-worry outside the Smile-Studio or speak to an e-Cadet directly.

If you are interested in becoming an e-Cadet please speak to Mrs Riley.

You can also Check out our latest e-safety update HERE! LINKHERE

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