Vision, Values & Ethos

Our Vision

At Parklands, we seek to give all children strong foundations from which they may become successful, independent learners for life. We seek to create responsible, respectful, resilient and curious citizens by broadening horizons, raising aspirations, enabling children to achieve their full potential and take pride in themselves and the contribution they can offer.

Aims Of Our School

What do we want the pupils of Parklands to leave our school with?

  • The best possible literacy and mathematical skills to prepare them for the world beyond our school.
  • Good manners and respect – respect for themselves, respect for others and their property.
  • An awareness of the risks they may face in the wider world beyond school.
  • An understanding of how to keep themselves safe and support their own mental health, and demonstrate tolerance and compassion for others, including when using information and communication technology.
  • Experience of taking responsibility and making a positive contribution in their own community demonstrating the skills to be a responsible citizen, including financial and personal management.
  • Ambition and aspiration – self-awareness and the motivation to strive to be the best they can be, showing a willingness to take risks and resilience to keep on going despite obstacles they may face.
  • Positive independent learning skills and self-motivation – adaptability and flexibility to solve problems; determination; curiosity; resilience; resourcefulness and reflectiveness.
  • An honest sense of right and wrong, empathy and accountability for their own actions.
  • Pride in themselves, their achievements, their community, their aspirations and talents.

What does every member of the Parklands team need to do to achieve this?

  • Have high expectations regarding behaviour and effort to support children in being the best they can be.
  • Work collaboratively in school and with other agencies to keep all children safe.
  • Adopt consistent approaches to teaching and managing behaviour across school.
  • Be consistent role models for pupils, showing empathy, aspiration, tolerance, respect, enthusiasm, determination, commitment and resilience.
  • Build strong relationships with parents and families based on trust, support and mutual respect.
  • Ensure that children and their families are clearly and regularly informed about targets, progress, achievement, behaviour and how they can contribute to their child’s success in school.
  • Ensure that lessons are engaging, accurately differentiated, purposeful with consistently well-deployed adult support to ensure that children make progress and achieve.

What does the curriculum at Parklands need to promote to ensure that we achieve these outcomes?

  • Understanding of British values such as democracy, tolerance and respect.
  • Knowledge of the multicultural nature of Britain, global citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of active and responsible citizens.
  • Opportunities for pupils to learn and understand about how they can maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Opportunities for pupils to learn about how to keep themselves safe from risks, including from radicalisation and extremism.
  • Opportunities for children to take leadership and make a contribution to their school and local community.
  • Awareness of local, national and global issues.

Opportunities for children to gain self-awareness and an understanding of how to manage their own responses to a range of situations. Ability to self-regulate and respond in an assertive manner to deal with situations they encounter.