Parklands Community Primary School Values

Independence – Autumn 1

We take responsibility for our own learning.

This means we will:

  • be self-motivated but know when to seek help
  • think deeply and work hard
  • take the initiative to solve problems.

Cooperation – Autumn 2

We will be active learners who engage and take part in all learning activities.

This means we will all:

  • take responsibility and ownership of our role within the group
  • actively listen and value the opinions of my peers
  • collaborate together to achieve a final goal.

 Respect – Spring 1

We are respectful towards all people and property. We are tolerant, caring and considerate at all times.

This means we will all:

  • listen to others considering their views, feelings and opinions
  • look after our resources and the environment
  • appreciate our differences and show empathy.

Responsibility – Spring 2

We will take ownership and be accountable for our learning and behaviour.

This means we will all:

  • follow instructions to aim high and be the best we can.
  • be responsible for our own actions
  • accepting that we are in charge of our destiny.

Resilience – Summer 1

We will learn from our mistakes and persevere when challenges occur.

This means we will:

  • understand how to overcome barriers at home and in school using our relevant skills
  • value mistakes and use them as a learning platform to be inquisitive and have a positive attitude to learning
  • keep on trying, even when it is hard, by supporting and motivating ourselves and others.

Ambition – Summer 2

We will strive to do our best and have high expectations for ourselves and others.

This means we will:

  • take time to understand the opportunities that the world has to offer
  • spire to work hard in school to give us the best opportunities for our future
  • learn the necessary skills and support one another to achieve individual goals.