Awards & Competitions

Pupils receive dojo points every day. These are for following our school rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe as well as our school values. Children are also rewarded for working hard and great work. They enjoy receiving them alongside praise from the staff member and their peers. At our school, points mean prizes and children can use their Dojo points to buy gifts for themselves or others. Children can chose when to spend their points on stationery, books, toys and much more. Some pupils chose to buy prizes that ‘money can’t buy’ such as extra break time for their class, singing or a karaoke session. Our pupils love to get something for their whole class.

Every week we hold a celebration assembly. During this time certificates are handed out for writing, reading and maths. In addition, a ‘Gold Award’ certificate is given to a pupil who has really shone that week. Our Gold Award winners are shared with our community on the school bulletin each week.

For each birthday, a child receives a book from school. Santa also delivers a book for every child at Christmas.

Children who are always doing the right thing and working hard are also celebrated by being allowed to come in their own clothes to school on certain days. We think this acknowledges those children and raises the profile of our highest expectations.

We also celebrate achievement from home and love to share awards, trophies and medals of our talented children.