Pupil Forums

Parklands Community Primary School

Pupil Forums at Parklands

At Parklands, pupils are provided with many opportunities to make a positive contribution to their school community.

Children of all ages are encouraged to take on roles and responsibilities in school.

For many of the positions of responsibility, children are required to apply in writing. Some jobs, such as House Captains, are allocated following a voting process.

Parklands pupils make a difference in a variety of roles such as:

  • House Captains
  • Playleaders
  • Members of the Eco-Committee
  • Junior Safety Officers
  • Learning Observers
  • E-Cadets,
  • Ministers of the Parklands Parliament
  • Sports Ambassadors
  • Peer Mediators
  • Junior Librarians
  • Reading Mentors
  • Assembly Monitors
  • Monitors within classrooms

Parklands Parliament

Democracy – Tolerance – Kindness – Respect

Prime Minister:

Deputy Prime Minister:

Chancellor of the Exchequer:

Ministers for Sport:

Minister for the Environment:

Minister for Safety:

Ministers for Learning:

Ministers for Happiness & Wellbeing:

Ministers for Charities:

Mission Statement

We will work hard to make our school an even better place. We will listen to other children and share our ideas. We will help to make sure that children at Parklands have lots of opportunities. We will support our school and local community and make sure we use our school and our resources in better ways.

Our current projects are:

  • Considering ways in which we could make the courtyard area better
  • Developing ways to make sure that we get suggestions and ideas from everyone in our school family
  • Looking at what equipment we have in classrooms for wet play/lunch times
  • Working with Mrs McNeil to make sure our school attains the Silver level of the Rights Respecting Schools Award