School Performance & OFSTED

We are really proud of our school, our community and most of all our children. Our team works hard every day to help pupils believe in themselves in a way they might never have thought possible. Our curriculum has been designed to empower children to become successful independent learners for life. For more information, click ‘Our Curriculum’.

High Expectations for Teaching & Learning

In order to make sure that all pupils make good progress and achieve our high expectations, teachers continuously assess children. This means during and after lessons, our teachers are always thinking about how each child has got on and what needs to happen next. At the end of units of work and at the end of a term, more formal assessments take place. This is to ensure that we are really clear on what children know and what we need to do next.

Our assessments show, that despite two compulsory school closures due to the pandemic, the pupils at Parklands Community Primary and Nursery are achieving well. Both children and staff have worked really hard on a programme of catch-up, making sure they are addressing any gaps in learning.

We have the highest expectations for our children and we are confident that results at the end of key stages will be strong as we move forward.

If you would like to discuss this information, or find out more about how your child is assessed, please contact Mrs Cairns or your child’s class teacher.


All schools are inspected by OFSTED and our school was last inspected in May 2016. The full report can be read by clicking the link below.

Full Ofsted Report 2016

We have visitors to our school all the time including educational consultants, specialists in Special Education Needs, specialists in safeguarding, therapists for mental health, governors and also from other schools. By working alongside other professionals and closely with our partner schools in the Trust (such as Childer Thornton and Wolverham), we ensure that the school is continuously improving and staying up to date with all the latest changes and guidance in education.

Use the link below to compare school performance and find out more information about school.

Schools are required to publish data from the end of Key Stage 2. The data below is from 2019 which is the last time Year 6 pupils completed the compulsory assessments and SATS examinations.


Expected Standard and above

Progress Measure

Higher Standard


Scaled Score



-3.7 17%






Scaled Score






Scaled Score