Curriculum Road Maps

The design of our ambitious curriculum is further aided by the use of ‘Road Maps’ which are a visual representation of the engaging and purposeful learning that takes place and a reflection of the immersive and cross-curricular opportunities we provide, and tailor, to the interests and needs of our pupils.

Our curriculum aims to ensure our children are learning for life. During their time at Parklands Community Primary & Nursery School,  we equip children with a range of skills in all subjects and ensure learning is embedded through purposeful opportunities. Our learning experiences across all subjects aim to develop long term, memorable knowledge, concepts and skills which can be applied flexibly. This is because we know that long term, deeper knowledge grows when links are made between concepts, which build on prior knowledge and are applied in different contexts. As the children progress through the school, the skills and techniques develop with them and are built upon year upon year.

In addition to this, the Equality Act is a golden thread through all our subject areas; it is humanity rich and promotes our school values, British Values, and social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding.