School Meals

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School meals at Parklands Community Primary & Nursery School are provided by Edsential, who cater for many primary schools across Cheshire West every day. Our dinners are really popular with children who also vote for the menu choices. There’s more information below about Edsential and school dinners. Our menu is shown below (just click to change the week). Please call the office if you are not sure which week we are on.

All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes are entitled to a free school dinner under the government’s ‘Universal Free School Meal’ initiative. Pupils in other year groups may also be entitled to a Free School Meal.

School meals are priced at £2.68 per day. All school meals should be paid for via Parent Mail.

Pupils in Year 1 and 2 also get free fruit. Pupils in Nursery and Reception get free fruit and milk.  All children from Nursery to Year 6 have free toast upon arrival. This is provided through Greggs Foundation.

Free School Meals

Please click on the above link to apply for Free School Meals. This also provides additional funding which is vital for our school.

Catering services are provided by Edsential:

Edsential’s approach is to offer a quality service with foods from prime fresh ingredients that surpass recommended nutritional guidelines. We have a three week menu cycle which provides maximum variety for staff and pupils. Our key belief for the food service is, ‘healthy food is not healthy unless it is eaten’, and we are determined to base our whole planning, procurement and food production cycle on preparing delicious food that is highly popular and will be eaten leaving NO plate waste. When meals are prepared from scratch using prime fresh ingredients it is automatically easier to achieve nutritionally compliant menus.

Ensuring the quality and freshness of our food is only part of the story. We also go to great lengths to guarantee that all our meals are nutritionally sound and well-balanced. The School Food Trust Nutritional Guidelines are hugely important in ensuring the menus we offer within each of the catering facilities meet and often surpass nutritional guidelines.

By using fresh local ingredients from suppliers who are passionate about their food it is easier for us to ensure quality every day. At contract commencement 100% of our supplies are from Northwest suppliers:

  • Fresh Meat is from Marton in Lancashire
  • Fruit and vegetables are from Skelmersdale in Lancashire
  • Frozen products from Ormskirk in Lancashire
  • Cheese and cooked meats are from Longridge in Lancashire
  • Bread and morning goods are from Chorley in Lancashire


Please complete the below form regarding any food intolerances.

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