Home/School Agreement

At Parklands Community Primary and Nursery School, we see the potential in every child and are proud of all of our children. Education changes lives and we have high expectations for all our pupils. Our team work hard to deliver opportunities for children to exceed their own expectations and believe in themselves in a way that they might never have thought possible. We work in partnership with children, their families and our community. Our home school agreement outlines our commitment to work as a team to enable children to be the best they can be.

As a school we will:

  • Provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment where all children can thrive
  • Teach an engaging and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of all children
  • Celebrate children’s achievements
  • Encourage children to believe in themselves, feel valued and achieve their potential
  • Maintain very high expectations for children’s work
  • Apply our behaviour policy fairly and positively
  • Keep parents informed of school life and their child’s learning and progress
  • Offer opportunities for parent/carers to become involved in children’s learning
  • Treat children and parent/carers with respect and take time to listen
  • Support families to the best of our ability 

As parent/carers we will:

  • Ensure my child is ready for school each day
  • Bring my child to school on time and ensure they have good attendance
  • Read with my child as often as possible
  • my child to complete homework
  • Have high expectations for my child’s behaviour and help them to understand the school rules of ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe
  • Celebrate my child’s achievements
  • Respect the team and work with staff at school to find positive solutions
  • Keep up-to-date on school life by reading weekly bulletins, newsletters and class letters

As a child I will:

  • Always do my best
  • Be ready, respectful and safe every day
  • Try to be independent but ask for help if I need it
  • Read as often as possible
  • Complete homework to the best of my ability
  • Work hard to demonstrate our school values
  • Our School Values

Our School Values

Independence – Autumn 1

Cooperation – Autumn 2

We take responsibility for our own learning.

We will be active learners who engage and take part in all learning activities.

Respect – Spring 1

Responsibility – Spring 2

We are respectful towards all people and property. We are tolerant, caring and considerate at all times.

We will take ownership and be accountable for our learning and behaviour.

Resilience – Summer 1

Ambition – Summer 2

We will learn from our mistakes and persevere when challenges occur.

We will strive to do our best and have high expectations for ourselves and others.

British Values & Equality

Thread throughout our curriculum, teaching and philosophy for education are all aspects of British Values and the Equality Act 2010. Through this golden thread we equip children with the knowledge and skills needed to flourish in a complex world

British Values: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith.

Nut Allergies 

Because we have children with severe nut allergies who attend our school, we are a ‘nut aware’ school. This means that you must not send in any nuts or products containing nuts.