Home Learning

This page is dedicated to supporting learning at home. We set this up in March 2020, and have kept this page since then so that children at home for any reason, whether at our school or beyond have access to learning.

Home Learning Padlet



Our aims for home learning at Parklands Community Primary & Nursery School:

1. Accessible: We send out all different kinds of work which can be accessed in all different ways. We often need to do this remotely but much of our work can be done off-screen. We will work with families to find the best way to help children learn at home.
2. Independent: Most of the work online supports revision and over-learning of work children have covered in class. Teachers send out ideas to motivate the children such as creating battles on TT Rock Stars or fun ways to share learning.
3. Prioritising: Our focus is on the 3 Rs – Reading, Writing & Arithmetic. Reading every day is the most important aspect of home learning.
4. Whole Child: We send out lots of different ways to help your children understand the world they live in. We also send ideas for across the subjects as well as for well-being.

Parents, don’t get stressed about home learning. Contact school if you need a hand or someone to talk to.


Use the following links to access the remote learning apps we use in school.

Accelerated Reader



Coping Calendar


There’s lots to help you on this Well-being padlet  There’s lots of suggestions online about ways to look after your well-being. Try this ‘Coping Calendar’. Come off screen with a variety of tasks such as indoor scavenger hunts or this challenge.





Early Years

There’s lots online including ideas for grown ups on CBeebies and Facebook.

Try these activities below:

Garden Maths Lego Maths

Rhyming Words Activity Sheet

Letter formation

Naming 3D shapes

Banana Messages



Project Work

Children can focus on a subject of interest for them (eg X-Box; favourite book or film, favourite animal). Here’s some suggestions about how they can engage with project work.

  • Fact File
  • Diary entry (from perspective of game character)
  • Write a quiz for someone else
  • Write a prequel / sequel to a favourite story or film
  • Create a setting for a new video game
  • Draw a picture and label it
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation and teach someone in their house

Ideas for presenting understanding

  • Booklet
  • Typing onto Word or PowerPoint
  • Wordle
  • Fold out book
  • Big poster with lots of colours
  • Chatterbox (folded paper)
  • Artwork – drawing, collage, etc

History / Geography

  • Create a poster about any chosen time in history (or the future)
  • Find out about inventions in chosen period of time or write about what invention you wish had never been invented
  • Choose a country of interest and find out about different aspects (culture, climate…)
  • Find out about Ellesmere Port, its history and its future