Smile Studio

Every now and again, we all need some extra support. The Smile Studio at Parklands offers a warm and nurturing environment where children and adults can be supported by our highly effective Learning Mentors, Mrs Bye and Mrs Millet-Reid. Everyone is welcome to come and spend time in this calming space to talk through any worries or work alongside the team to develop strategies that they can use in school and beyond.

Our Learning Mentors offer support to help children to attend school regularly. This work helps to overcome physical and emotional barriers that families may face. Improving attendance gives children the best chance at succeeding in school.

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One of our school values is resilience. Working alongside the friendly faces in the Smile Studio, children are supported in developing this skill. By teaching children the strategies to manage themselves in different situations, they become more resilient and in turn are more prepared for their lives both in and out of school.
Don’t just take our word for it- here’s what our children and parents have to say…

“The Smile Studio makes me feel happy and safe; like I’m at home.” Year 3 child

“The Smile Studio makes me feel happy. There are always kind people in there who can help me.” Year 6 child.

“I really like the quiet space in the Smile Studio, it helps me to calm when I feel anxious.” Year 5 child.

“The Smile Studio is a safe, confidential room where support is given in a non-judgemental way.” Parent.

In addition to always having a listening ear available, the Learning Mentors are trained to work with children and whole families to deliver specific programmes.
These include:

  • Support with sleep and routines
  • Team Around the Family work- supporting the whole family to overcome barriers
  • Bereavement Support
  • Exploring friendships
  • Managing transitions and change
  • Support with mental health difficulties
  • Qualified in first aid for children with mental health issues
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